Excellent protection at high pressures and temperatures

HP 717 has been formulated for use in high pressure ammonia heat pumps. HP-717 is composed of a blend of highly refined mineral oils and synthetic base oils. This blend of base oils helps ensure excellent wear protection as well as very low carryover and refrigerant dilution rates.

When replacing PAO/AB and naphthenic ammonia compressor oils, most users will experience a reduction in oil carryover and dilution rates.

High pressure ammonia heat pumps

  • Reduced solubility with ammonia

Performance Advantages

  • Reduced solubility with ammonia
  • Thermal and oxidative stability
  • Long oil life
  • Specifically designed for use in high-pressure ammonia refrigeration compressors
  • Low oil carryover and volatility
  • High viscosity index
  • High flash and auto-ignition points
  • Controls rust, corrosion, carbon and varnish formation
Viscosity Grades 100
Viscosity cSt @ 40°C 104
Viscosity cSt @ 100°C 12,9
Viscosity Index 133
Flash Point °C 242
Pour Point °C -45
Copper Corrosion, 24 Hr 1a