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Next Lubricants has been engineering and manufacturing ammonia refrigeration lubricants for more than 20 years. Through our excellent distributor partnerships, our oils have been widely used throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

We offer a variety of ammonia refrigeration compressor lubricants with:

  • Temperature ranges as low as -94°F (-70°C)
  • Food-grade options
  • Versions with seal conditioners

In addition, we offer ammonia liquid transfer pump fluids that provide unmatched pumpability in cold temperatures and excellent seal protection.

Our products are proven to offer:

  • Extremely low volatility and solubility in ammonia systems, ensuring that the lubricant reduces oil carryover
  • Enhanced oxidative stability, helping to ensure reduced oil loss and extended fluid life
  • System protection that helps control and prevent rust and corrosion deterioration on metallic parts

Furthermore, Isel’s cold-temperature fluidity and pour-point technology far surpass all OEM and aftermarket lubricants, even polyalphaolefin-based (PAO-based) products.

NXT 717

Enhanced low-temperature pumpability and protection with reduced oil carryover


Designed specifically for applications encountering extremely low-temperature operating conditions or atmospheric environments,

NXT 717 LT

Reliable pumpability and protection in very low temperatures

NXT 717 FG

A food-grade lubricant offering long-lasting protection and varnish control


NEXT HPLS is a premium lubricant that has been specifically formulated for use in high-pressure ammonia heat pumps.