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Next Lubricants line of ammonia compressor oils has been developed through a close partnership with OEM's service companies and end users. The result is a product line that will help reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as improve operating efficiency.

We offer a variety of ammonia refrigeration compressor lubricants with:

  • OEM approved
  • Expert technical support

Our products are proven to offer:

  • Extremely low volatility and solubility in ammonia systems, ensuring that the lubricant reduces oil carryover
  • Enhanced oxidative stability, helping to ensure reduced oil loss and extended fluid life
  • System protection that helps control and prevent rust and corrosion deterioration on metallic parts

NEXT 717

OEM Approved Ammonia Compressor Oil


Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor Oil with Seal Conditioner


Reliable pumpability and protection in very low temperatures

HP 717

Excellent protection at high pressures and temperatures