Next Lubricants believes that an oil analysis program is an essential piece of any preventive-maintenance program.
The following services are offered as part of the Next Lubricants Oil Analysis program:

  • Service includes analysis for wear metals, particulate count, TAN, water content, viscosity and more
  • Our expert staff can work directly with you to interpret results, with oil analysis trending available
  • Optimizes lubricant usage for maximum performance, protection and service life ó with no guesswork
  • Detects potential problems early for better equipment performance and less risk of costly breakdowns
  • Enhances your companyís perceived value to your customers and encourages customer loyalty

Next Lubricants offers free expert oil analysis for Next manufactured lubricants.

The oil analysis reports enables customers to properly monitor their Refrigeration systems, helping to save maintenance costs and maintain overall efficiency.

Donít bypass this excellent opportunity to enhance your preventive maintenance program. Contact us for more information about Next Lubricants oil analysis service and to request sample kits.